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Albino a+ mushrooms Oregon

Buy Albino A+ Spores online USA. You’re in the correct spot now! P. Cubensis albino A+ is a subspecies produced from the leucistic A+ strain. Albino A+ is not a real albino; rather, it is leucistic. The primary distinction between the two is the color of the spores; although pure albino spores are clear in color and totally devoid of pigment, leucistic variation spores range in color from purple to black. Check out the Albino Penis Envy if you’re looking for a P. Cubensis that is genuinely albino.


On 4-spored basidia, subellipsoid, dark purple to brownish. True albino mushrooms lack color throughout the whole mushroom, including the spores, which does demonstrate that this variation is leucistic. Still a fantastic source of study materials, with medium caps ranging from 35 to 75 mm, and hefty depositors.Buy Albino A+ Spores online USA

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